Sunday, March 11, 2012

Where Does Your Money Go ?

Recently a video was widely circulated on Google Plus and other social networks. It was a viral movement to marshal public opinion and bring pressure on celebrities and political leaders to capture the baddest man in the world according to the world court.

This video has been viewed by millions, recently garnered hundreds of shares on Google Plus.  The story was picked up by the BBC Have Your Say, NPR radio and a number of television stations.

We became interested as it seemed like an organization who, like the Plusketeers, decided to use social networks to do good. This is even stated in so many words during the film.

However, a shadow of doubt has been cast over this organization. Their accounting records are not totally transparent and they receive low trust ratings from agencies that track such things.

We are not here to pass judgement. But we felt it was important to highlight some key facts about the Plusketeers Challenge.

We are volunteers. We receive no pay nor expense reimbursement. We do not travel or offer premiums. We strictly donate our time and talents, through the use of free social network resources to raise awareness of a collection of causes aimed largely at improving the human condition.

Every dollar you donate goes directly from your hand to the charity you select. We never see it. We don't handle it. We only track it through the crowdrise site. We welcome your ideas and crowd-sourcing is very much a part of our strategy. 
Our records are public. They are the tote board on the site. That represents both the amount of money we have collected and the amount of money that has been handed over to the charities listed.

Not sure you trust any charity on the list? Go ahead and add your own. Notice in the process it must be a legitimate 501c3 charity with tax id numbers.

I'm all for world peace and putting every bad guy behind bars or six feet under. Theirs is a noble cause and I wish them well. But I plan to spend my time making people aware of other problems in the world, encouraging them to share our message, donate to our cause and help lift someone mentally and physically off the ground.

Won't you help us spread the word? 

Joseph A. Puglisi

All For One and Plus One For All

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